Polyethylene – Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene – Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene (PE) material used by Sentez Plastik can be used as packaging and bags in many different sectors from textile to cosmetics, from medical to electricity, and from food to stationery. PE packaging and bags produced in our factory stand out with their durability and allow your products to be protected from external factors such as dust, and water/moisture. According to the needs of our customers, PE packaging and bags are produced in rolls or bags, with or without printing, with or without tape. PE material can be laminated with materials such as CPP, OPP, POLY (PED), METALLIZED, and POLORISE, if requested, in order to increase durability. Another important feature of PE material is that it is recyclable. Due to this feature, it is highly preferred in the export sector.

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PE Sizes and Thicknesses Produced by “Sentez Plastik”:

Width/Width: 40mm – 4000mm

Length: 70mm – 1800mm

Thickness/Mikron(µm): 15 – 150 µm

  • Recyclable
  • Size and Thickness According to Customer Demand
  • Printed or Printless
  • Various Hanging and Air Hole Options
  • Economic
  • High Durability and Protection
  • Convenient Transportation and Storage Opportunity

Sectors where PE Packages and Bags are Preferred:
  • Textile, Cosmetics, Toys, Food, Stationery, Medical, Mask, Electric, Plastic Tools, and Equipment

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