Perforated rolls produced by Sentez Plastik are offered to customers in two different options as flat and shouldered. You can order perforated rolls produced by Sentez Plastik in different sizes and thicknesses. Perforated rolls are highly functional for packaging to protect products from dirt, water and dust. Perforated rolls produced from polyethylene (PE) material are classified as environmentally friendly products, because they are 100% recyclable

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Perforated rolls are produced in the form of ‘roll’ or ‘bag’, with or without printing. Being transparent, saving on storage and recycling features are among the biggest advantages of perforated rolls. In addition, perforated rolls, which you can order from Sentez Plastik, allow you to save on storage costs due to their small footprint. With these features, perforated rolls stand out as a strong product in terms of price performance. Perforated rolls produced by Sentez Plastik are mainly used in the textile industry, for the packaging of suits, coats and children’s suits.


Protection Against Dirt, Dust, and Water

100% Recyclable


Easy Shipping and Savings on Storage

High Price-Performance

Production in Customer-Specific Size and Thickness

Materials Used:

Polyethylene (PE)

Perforated Roll Usage Areas:

Textiles (Suits, Coats, Children’s Suits)

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